Program Profile

2017 - 2018



Butte Head Start

P.O. Box 608

Butte, MT  59701





Sponsored by Action Inc. - Human Resources Council District XII


Applications for Head Start are accepted year-round. 

Please call the program for an application or any other questions.



Early Childhood Development and Health Services

The Head Start program includes health screening, physical/dental exams, immunizations, extended follow-up/treatment, ongoing care, identifying a medical home, parent involvement, education and early childhood development, child safety, nutrition, and mental health.




Classes: 10 classes

Children per class: 17-20

Teachers: 11

Teacher Assistants: 12

Teachers with Bachelor's Degree: 4 (36%)

Teachers with Associate Degrees-Early Childhood: 7 (64%)

Teachers in Training: 1 (9%)

Teachers Assistants in Training: 5 (42%)

Teacher Assistants with a CDA: 7 (58%)

Teacher Assistants meeting 2013

Requirements: 12 (100%)






Children with Medicaid:  220

Children w/private insurance:  12

Children without health insurance:  0

Children up to date on a schedule of preventative health care (EPSDT guidelines): 199





Dental exams completed: 181

> Treatment needed:  41

> Treatment received:  36 (88%)





Children up-to-date w/immunizations: 113




> Diagnosed disabilities:  26

> Health impaired: 0

> Emotional/behavior disorder: 0

> Speech & language impaired: 4

> Hearing impairment: 1

> Visual impairments: 1

> Orthopedic impairments: 0

> Learning disabilities: 0

> Autism:  4

> Traumatic Brain Injury: 0

> Non-categorical developmental delay: 16

> Multiple disabilities: 0





Services are provided through AWARE with a Mental Health Therapist available on-site for children and families: 41






Family Size:

 1         $12,140

 2         $16,460

 3         $20,780

 4         $25,100

 5         $29,420

 6         $33,740

 7         $38,060







“Action Inc. is dedicated to development of pathways out of poverty through innovative, community-based, collaborative solutions.”


Core Values


Treat others with respect and dignity, valuing individual and cultural differences. Supporting and serving with a deep awareness of and sympathy for another’s suffering. Empower those we serve to move beyond poverty and the environments that perpetuate it.



Communicate, cooperate, and collaborate freely across organizational and service areas and work as one team to fulfill our mission.



Be accountable to those we serve, to our communities, and to each other for stellar outcomes and efficient, appropriate use of funds. 

Commit to providing the highest quality service with excellence and consistency.



Family and Community Partnerships



Butte Head Start family partnerships include family goal setting, accessing community services and resources, parent involvement in child development/education, health, nutrition, mental health, community advocacy, home visits, program advisory committees, and transition services.



Head Start Families



>  Families served:  203

>  Parents employed:  77

>  In job training/school:  4

>  TANF families:  18

>  SSI families:  26


Income Information


>  Income eligible:  133

>  Receipt of public assistance: 43

>  Enrolled as a foster child:  11

>  Status as homeless: 19

>  Over-Income:  5

Family Engagement

Family Engagement Goals have been created to support positive outcomes for children and families at Head Start. Case managers work closely with families to develop relationships and provide resources and opportunities to ensure their child's success at Head Start as they transition into the school system.

Community Partnerships



Head Start collaborates with local agencies, such as the Butte School District, 4C's, Career Futures, Butte Silver Bow Health Department, WIC Office of Public Assistance, Family Outreach, and the Southwest Montana Community Health Center.


School Readiness


School Readiness Goals have been established to ensure children are ready for school, families are ready to support their children's learning and schools are ready for children.


Progress toward School Readiness Goals are shared with families to ensure they are engaged in the long term, lifelong success of their child as their primary teacher and advocate.



Head Start Mission Statement


"Helping children and families grow every day in every way."



Head Start Facts


Community Sites:

            > 1000 South Arizona, Butte, MT

> 100 N. Clark, Butte, MT


Total funded enrollment:  186

Children served in 2017-2018:  220

   > 3 year olds:  105

   > 4 year olds:  115


Total federal funding:  $ 1,640,762

Average cost per child:  $ 8,821

Employees:  53

Past/current parents:  19(36%)

Volunteers:  967

Volunteers Head Start/Current or Former Parents: 329


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